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Take advantage of our real estate coaching and learn exactly what you need to do to progress your real estate investing career. We’ll help you navigate roadblocks, avoid pitfalls and become a true investor of income-producing property.

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Professional Landlord Group’s realtors provide everything you need to buy and sell the best properties to fit your needs from search to close.

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For investors looking to expand their portfolio, Professional Landlord Group offers an exciting opportunity for partnerships that will take your network higher.

How is the Professional Landlord Group different
 from other investment companies?

As Professional Landlords, we only invest in properties with the potential to produce a stable income. Many real estate investing groups will invest based on projections such as appreciation over time, forced appreciation through renovation and/or construction, or city development plans scheduled in the future. 
While Professional Landlord Group does take these into consideration, we aim to find the selling points that you can count on NOW. There are many projections you can’t guarantee. Appreciation is likely, but not a sure thing. Renovations and improvements may not always yield the returns you anticipate. The market may plateau, and values may drop. City plans to build may expire or change based on elections. But one projection you can rely on is that people will always need a place to live. 
Professional Landlord Group is not for those looking for quick returns without a safety net. You fit the PLG attitude if you want a versatile investment with contingencies to provide extra levels of security, and understand that there is work to be done - and it isn’t always pretty. Professional Landlords know that people and community bring stability. Those who benefit bear responsibility. If this all still sounds like you, take the first step towards helping others make the right move.

The Advantage of Working with
 a Professional Landlord Group Realtor

The Professional Landlord Group (PLG) is an organization here to help new, experienced or aspiring real estate investors like yourselves. Our group rose from a need to solve problems. While many of us read books and attend seminars talking about the power of real estate, few of these ever truly explain the difficulties and challenges you will face by being a Landlord. Professional Landlord Group is here to fill that gap. We help real estate investors of all levels find the best investment opportunities, assess deals and where to best invest your money. We are here to tackle the issues that come after you make your investment, how to manage your real estate investment and optimize your growth in every way possible. We all understand there are roadblocks and challenges along the way. We help our clients master the game of real estate investing by making sure our clients are well informed and never out of options. Professional Landlord Group offers tailored mentorship and coaching programs for real estate investors of all levels. We walk you through the acquisition process, assessing where to invest in Ontario and help you analyze the best opportunities in multi-family homes. If you have questions and want answers, check out our YouTube Channel and watch our videos. See how professionals operate and invest in real estate. If you still have questions that aren’t answered, give us a call and schedule a 1-on-1 consultation.


Free 30 Minute Consultation