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Why Buy With Us? 

The PLG Difference

Most real estate dealings are portrayed as one-on-one. Professional Landlord Group is a power team of real estate professionals. The diversity of our team is what contributes to our strength. It also allows us to provide all the expertise you need in one place.
Our group is made up of passionate people who have built their careers from the ground up. Our agents have mastered a variety of investment, deal-sourcing, and negotiation strategies.  Every transaction through Professional Landlord Group ensures stability and cost efficiency. Because for us, every investment should be a secure peace of mind. 

The PLG Touch

Real estate is not a single service. It is a chain of services that when combined, help you move from step to step. Professional Landlord Group is proud to offer everything you need under one firm.

More for Less

We always focus on giving you more rather than less. When you use any primary or affiliated service, we thank you with more.
Our extra value sales package provides a free or discounted bonus service. The bonus you receive is designed to compliment what you have already purchased.
Some options include: a month of free property management, discounted coaching, and more.
Professional Landlord Group and our partners complete the investment chain for you. Contact us today and discover what more looks like for you.


Ready To invest?

Feeling a little Lost or Wondering if Real Estate is Right For you?


30-min Free Consultation

    • Discussing what real estate investment strategy works best for you
    • Confirming your financing options
    • Identifying market and property type are most ideal for you
    • Narrowing down criteria and focusing on the deal sourcing


Deal Sourcing

    • Receiving email updates for MLS listings and   TPLG off-market listings with your specific requirements
    • Running deal analysis for each investment opportunity
    • Viewing the property virtually and/or physically


Offer submission

    • Placing an offer and the rest will be delegated by the Professional

The PLG Portfolio

Did you know that Professional Landlord Group acquires 10-12 properties a year on average? That’s because our team has the advantage of providing quick closes without any conditions. That means:

✓ No costs

✓ No repairs
✓ No staging
✓ No closing fee
✓ No commission

By cutting out the grey areas, sales through Professional Landlord Group eliminates all of your uncertainties. 

The PLG Community

Our investors are the Professional Landlord Group community. People who have grown their portfolio with us, and are always looking for new listings. For the benefit of all parties involved, we circulate these as much as possible. 

Hundreds of eager and reliable investors will see your listings. This guarantees more exposure, and sales that fit your timeline. We’ll make sure your properties are listed at the best value for you, and at the most attractive rate for buyers.

Ready to Sell

Who is Ping Hsu?

Meet Ping Hsu. Ping is an active realtor and real estate investor. He specializes in student rentals and multi-residential conversions. After immigrating to Canada, Ping worked closely with his family. Ping gained insider knowledge from a young age. His family walked him through the complexities of renting properties. He also actively managed his family’s real estate assets. 
Despite being on track to start his career as an engineer, Ping felt a calling in real estate. He received his realtor’s license in 2016. From there, Ping tackled property evaluations, tenant placement, and leading renovation projects. 
By his second year in university, Ping found himself managing 25 properties. 

What does real estate mean to Ping?

Ping collected years of experience from a young age. With a growing passion for real estate, he knew he was in the right job. Issues with maintenance management, rent collection, and tenant disputes opened his eyes. Ping saw a clear need for quality service in real estate management. 

Ping’s Realty Resume

Making his mark on the industry, Ping co-founded Spotted Properties Inc. in southern Ontario. The property management company now holds over 800 tenants. In 2019, Ping partnered with Walcott Properties. In 2020, he co-founded Real Property Leasing Group. He also became a member of Central Home Realty Inc. 
These days, Ping continues working as a realtor. He invests in real estate through joint venture opportunities. Ping is a cornerstone to the Professional Landlord Group team. Ping strives to find every client nothing short of winning investments.

rEady to Invest