Ping Hsu

Meet Ping Hsu. Ping is an active realtor and real estate investor with a focus on student rentals and multi-residential conversions across southern Ontario. After immigrating to Canada, Ping worked closely with his family to create wealth through real estate investing. Ping gained insider knowledge from a young age on all the complexities of renting properties by managing his family’s real estate assets. At the same time, Ping worked hard to complete his engineering degree at McMaster University by 2017. Despite being on track to start his career as an engineer, Ping had already received his realtor’s license in 2016. He also could not ignore the continuous praise and requests from friends and family to help them with all their real estate needs. Ping proceeded with more property evaluations, tenant placement, and leading renovation projects. By his second year at McMaster, Ping found himself managing 25 properties. Whether he was on maintenance management, rent collection, or tenant disputes, Ping handled all problems through years of experience, and a growing passion for real estate. In solving these problems, Ping saw an apparent need for quality service in real estate management. Wanting to have a hand in transforming the industry, Ping co-founded Spotted Properties Inc. The property management company now holds over 800 tenants. To date, Ping has acquired his realtor’s license in 2016, partnered with Walcott Properties in 2019, and co-founded Real Property Leasing Group in 2020 - at which point, he also  became a member of Central Home Realty Inc. These days, Ping continues working as a realtor, and invests in real estate through joint venture opportunities with long-term property management and leasing clients. He also acts as a cornerstone to the PLG team finding clients nothing short of winning investments.

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